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about me


When I was a little girl,  I would spend hours outside making mud cakes and cookies, plates and bowls.  I loved the feel of digging into the wet, messy earth with my fingers, shaping it, patting it down, letting it dry in the sun, and decorating it with leaves, flowers, sticks or an occasional bug or two.  Not much has changed since then, only now I play with fancy mud and don't use bugs in my creations.  I hand make all of my pottery pieces from my  garage studio in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.  I often find inspiration for many of my pieces while walking my dog in the woods near my house.  Carolina foliage, grasses and wild flowers (pretty weeds) are my favorite things to use in my pottery.   Each piece I make is one of a kind and never made from a preset form.  Just like how mother nature makes them, they are unique, imperfect and timeless.  I hope my pieces bring you as much joy as they do me in creating them.

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